18 Mile Creek Access

Attention Ice Climbers: We need your help! Sometime between 3 and 6 February 2021, a notice was posted at the trailhead of 18-Mile Creek County Park stating, “Stay Off Waterfalls Absolutely No Climbing”. 18-Mile Creek County Park is a 466 acre undeveloped park with a 60 ft deep gorge cut through it, caused by the North and South branches of 18 Mile Creek. The park has been a local climbing destination for area ice climbers for decades and boasts 9-10 climbs in the WI2-WI3 difficulty range.

Please join the Western New York Access Coalition on February 12th at 8:30PM via Zoom while we discuss and formulate a plan to address this access issue. The Western New York Access Coalition would like to thank CRG Buffalo for allowing us to host this meet out of their facility.