Category: Access

Whirlpool State Park

Recently, a number of climbers bouldering in Whirlpool State Park were approached by Law enforcement and a park ranger and asked to leave the boulders at the Whirlpool Trail. The ranger reminded them that climbing at the park was prohibited and warned them that if they were found climbing there again, they may be subject to a $250 fine.

Zoar Valley

Ice climbing at Zoar Valley Multiple Use Area has been safely and responsibly done for over 30 years. The Western New York Access Coalition (WNYAccess) is dedicated to preserving this enjoyable winter activity for current and future ice climbers. Ice climbing is currently not prohibited at Zoar Valley, but there is a pending new unit […]

18 Mile Creek Access

Attention Ice Climbers: We need your help! Sometime between 3 and 6 February 2021, a notice was posted at the trailhead of 18-Mile Creek County Park stating, “Stay Off Waterfalls Absolutely No Climbing”. 18-Mile Creek County Park is a 466 acre undeveloped park with a 60 ft deep gorge cut through it, caused by the […]